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Buddi UML Diagrams

You can access some UML diagrams which I created to model various parts of the program below. I have a brief description of each diagram here. Note that, while I have taken time to check these, there may be differences between the diagrams and reality. In case of disagreement, please assume that reality is correct.

API Model - version 3.4.pdf

The API model, updated to reflect changes in Buddi version 3.4. Notably, there are now provisions to allow for split transactions.

API Model.pdf

This is a rough UML diagram representing the interfaces in the API model. The hierarchy of the classes should be pretty accurate; the methods shown may not be as close, as those tended to change more during the development process.

Data Model - version 3.4.pdf

The updated data model diagram, which shows the added methods / classes to allow for split transactions, as of Buddi 3.4

Data Model.pdf

Most developers should not have to use this diagram much, if at all; the API is the recommended way to interface with Buddi. In case someone is interested, however, I have included this diagram of the data model architecture, mostly made for my own personal use.