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Developing Plugins in Buddi 3.0

Plugin Implementation

Once you have decided on what type of plugin you are going to create, you can start coding. Simply implement one of the interfaces listed above, and fill in the methods you need to provide.

Something new which has been added in Buddi 3.0 is the concept of 'Preference Plugins'. This is a class which plugin authors can use to include a tab in the Preferences screen. It also provides methods for saving and reading preferences from the main Buddi preferences file, which can allow plugin authors to concentrate on making clean and simple plugins, and not worry about OS specific issues such as where to store preferences, etc.

Tips for Export, Import, and Synchronization Plugins

When these plugins are executed, the exportData(), importData(), and synchronizeData() methods are run from within a SwingWorker. Therefore, you should not set up your own threading models for these plugins, as it may not work properly with the existing Swing Worker.