Personal budget software for the rest of us


Special thanks go out to the people who helped in the creation of Buddi. These include:

  • My wife, Monica, for putting up with me during the long coding sessions
  • A long list of people for submitting the various translations
  • Even more people who submitted patches, suggested feature requests, tested new Development releases, bounced ideas around with me, and helped out in making Buddi the simplest and best budgeting software on the web!
  • YourKit Java Profiler for providing a free license for OSS developers
  • Quaqua: Native Macintosh look and feel for Java applications
  • SwingX: Large collection of extenstions to Java
  • JFreeChart: Charting library for Java
  • Browser Launcher 2: Library to perform cross platform browser launching
  • launch4J: Program to convert .jar to .exe, and add cool features (such as helping download Java)
  • Eclipse IDE: Excellent cross platform, open source IDE for Java applications
  • Sourceforge.net: Hosting for many open source Unix applications
  • All those who purchased advertising space on the Buddi web page. Advertising can help me offset hosting costs, as well as give you exposure to lots of potential customers!

Of course, I give a special thank you to all of the project donors.

In addition to the donations via SourceForge.net, the following organizations have contributed specifically to Buddi: